Is Sasquatch real?  Where is Bigfoot Now?  Are Sasquatch and Bigfoot one and the same?  Does Sasquatch live in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest?  Are you in the hunt for Sasquatch just like The Sighting?  Watch the videos look at the pictures all are from the White Mountain area!

About The Sighting

300 rd just outside Show Low
      The Sighting is based in the White Mountains of Arizona bordering the Apache and Navajo Indian reservations.  There has been multiple sightings on the Apache Indian Reservation and in the Show Low area.  The Sighting knows there are some amazing stories and artifacts regarding Sasquatch that the world should be aware of.  The Sighting loves the outdoors and is fascinated by such a mysterious creature.  If you have information or evidence regarding Sasquatch please send us a message. 

      The Sighting has partnered with Hatch Motor Co. Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Show Low.  Bring in any evidence you may have (videos, pictures, testimonials, foot prints, hair, drawings, your story, anything) to the Hatch Motor's on the Deuce of Clubs in Show Low for a reward!  The amount will vary depending on the type of evidence and quality.


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